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    基于golang实现伋理IP抓取实例_Man_ge的博客-CSDN博客:2021-6-10 · 直接上code/* golang 的伋理ip采集*/package mainimport ( fmt math/rand time strings regexp database/sql Man-Li CSDN 认证博客专家 CSDN认证伋业博客 ...

    The Kepler Project is dedicated to furthering and supporting the capabilities, use, and awareness of the free and open source, scientific workflow application, Kepler.  Kepler is designed to help scien­tists, analysts, and computer programmers create, execute, and share models and analyses across a broad range of scientific and engineering disciplines.  Kepler can operate on data stored in a variety of formats, locally and over the internet, and is an effective environment for integrating disparate software components, such as merging "R" scripts with compiled "C" code, or facilitating remote, distributed execution of models. Using Kepler's graphical user interface, users simply select and then connect pertinent analytical components and data sources to create a "scientific workflow"—an executable representation of the steps required to generate results. The Kepler software helps users share and reuse data, workflows, and compo­nents developed by the scientific community to address common needs.

    The Kepler software is developed and maintained by the cross-project Kepler collaboration, which is led by a team consisting of several of the key institutions that originated the project: UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, and UC San Diego.  Primary responsibility for achieving the goals of the Kepler Project reside with the Leadership Team, which works to assure the long-term technical and financial viability of Kepler by making strategic decisions on behalf of the Kepler user community, as well as providing an official and durable point-of-contact to articulate and represent the interests of the Kepler Project and the Kepler software application.  Details about how to get more involved with the Kepler Project can be found in the developer section of this website.

    Kepler is a java-based application that is maintained for the Windows, OSX, and Linux operating systems.  The Kepler Project supports the official code-base for Kepler development, as well as provides materials and mechanisms for learning how to use Kepler, sharing experiences with other workflow developers, reporting bugs, suggesting enhancements, etc.

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    Kepler Workshop at ICCS 2016 Sep 09, 2016
    免费高匿伋理ip地址 Kepler tutorial at eResearch Summer Hackfest Sep 09, 2016
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